Why should you read this? Frankly, I have no clue. I’m not even quite sure why I’m writing I. it suppose I could say Stevey told me to. Or I could claim that the Great and Powerful Flying Zumwalt wasn’t tired of hearing my ramblings yet.

But the truth is, I’m writing this for me, not for you. Well, that’s not quite right. See, I’m writing it for me, but I want you to read it. Otherwise, why would I bother to publish it? I could easily keep it with my personal files (and I have a ton of those). But I have a desire to write something, and some of it just begs to be read. Yes, that’s it, I’m begging you to read this! Well, no, not quite like that. Perhaps I can explain by telling you about Dave.

Dave Sim used to write a comic book. Once in a while, he expressed controversial ideas. Readers would write in with statements like “I’m offended/bored, so I’m going to stop reading your book.” Dave would always reply that he didn’t care what the readers thought, he just had to write what was in his head. BUT, if the readers didn’t exist, Dave would have to find some other way to make money, and he wouldn’t have enough time to write all the things that were in his head.

So by publishing my ramblings, I suppose I am looking for an audience. Enough to justify the effort I put into writing them down. And if my audience happends to influence my ramblings, well, that’s just fine. We all win. Stick with me for a while, and you might like it. I don’t know quite what I’ll write yet. I have a few ideas to get me started. I’m certain to write something or other about technology, libraries, and business. I’ll probably write a bit about life in general. I haven’t decided how much to focus and how much to let my ramblings run wild. I’m sure that eventually things will go in a direction I never intended. But hey, we can all go down the rabbit hole together.