Variations, a digital library system dedicated to music, is now available as an open-source project. No, Variations, will not replace your iTunes/WinAmp/Pandora/etc. But for universities and other organizations that want to make a large collection of music available to students, it might be just the thing they have been waiting for. In addition to basic audio playback, Variations includes several tools for analyzing and studying music.

Variations was the first digital library project I worked on, so I am thrilled that it can finally be shared with the rest of the world. Although much work has been done in the years since I left the project, I’m happy to see that some of my code was worth keeping around. In fact, if you know where to look, you can still find me listed as author of a few files.

Congratulations to the Variations team!

(And thanks to my fellow developer Jim for reminding me that I need to blog about important things like this.)